iPhone App

Time (Duration Calculator)

Time is an easy to use Application for your iPhone or iPod touch. With it you can view and manage all your special events by Date.

Time is designed with simplicity, just push the „+“ and you can add new entries, by tapping long on an entry, you can edit it. If you want to delete one or setting it to zero, just swipe from right to left as usual and you will get a small menu with two buttons.

Let yourself be reminded, before or after special events – especially usefully by returning events.

If you want to set an alert, push the „On/Off“-Button by the bell (the former highlight-button to emphasize an entry) and you can easily set a second date on the day you want to be reminded.
You receive a short notification on that date which tells you how many time is left or already gone.

You never lose the overview of your notification-notes by scrolling your list up to the end. As soon as the little point turns green, stop scrolling. In the usual plain way, all your reminders are listed.